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WS2. Pafuri backpack trail and an elephant charge

WildSide 2 (WS2) was a 3night backpack trail in the Pafuri wilderness area in May 2023, this time offering an experience tailored for an older group seeking a more leisurely pace. Guided by Andrew Booth and Devon Myers, WS2 provided a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the untamed wilderness at a gentle pace.

Day 1 – A Night Symphony at Mashasiti Spring

Starting from Picket 9 on the tar road, the WS2 journey commenced with a short yet steep walk leading us to our first-night sanctuary at Mashasiti Spring. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the wilderness came alive with night sounds. Hyena, leopard, and jackal were all heard throughout the night. The arrival of elephants and buffalo at the spring, as some slept and others listened, added another element of wilderness.

Day 2 – Exploring the beauty of Mangala Lookout

Forsiti Spring, the hike with bags was relatively easy. This strategic location allowed us to take shorter walks with our fully laden packs, granting us the luxury of time to explore the area with lighter day packs.

Day 3 – A Close Encounter with an Elephant

Day 3 brought us an unforgettable encounter with a bull elephant. While enjoying a leisurely lunch on the river bank under an Nyala Tree, a magnificent elephant approached us, closing the distance to a mere 20 meters. This awe-inspiring moment reminded us of the power and grace of these gentle giants, leaving an impression on each member of the group.

Departure Day – A Brave Farewell

As we prepared to bid farewell to this magnificent wilderness, we encountered a challenge that tested our nerves. An elephant in musth charged towards us, but thanks to the expertise of our guides and their swift response with a warning shot, we were able to deter the elephant and ensure a safe departure.


WS2 proved to be an extraordinary journey through the heart of Pafuri, offering a perfect balance of adventure, relaxation, and remarkable wildlife encounters. The guidance and expertise of Andrew Booth and Devon Myers ensured a safe and unforgettable experience, even in the face of unexpected challenges. WS2 allowed us to connect with nature, witness the wonders of the wild, and create lasting memories with fellow adventurers. As we depart this untouched paradise, we carry with us a deep sense of gratitude and wonder for the magic that lies within the Pafuri area. Until the next WildSide adventure beckons, may the memories of WS2 inspire us to cherish the serenity and beauty of the natural world.

The moment of the elephant charge was caught on video by one of the guests and Devon & Andrew spent some time debriefing about the incident after the trail. Watch the incident footage and the guides conversation HERE.

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