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“The wilderness isn’t where you get lost, it’s where you discover who you really are.”

~ Dr Steve Boyes, Nat Geo Explorer

Full Moon Pafuri Trail

25-28 NOV 2023

Are you an adventurer keen to experience a closer connection with the bush? Do you long for more than viewing wildlife from a vehicle?

Join WildSide Trails & Training for a safari on foot in the African bush. We offer multi-day backpacking trails in Big 5 reserves, where you can be fully immersed while our experienced guides teach you skills that enable safe, transformational experiences for modern people in the ancient African bushveld.

As you spend more time on foot in the African bushveld, the deeper your connection becomes, so that you begin to sense, see and understand the wilderness from a different perspective – as a participant rather than a observer. It is time spent on the ground that counts when it comes to gaining experience, both for guides and regular trailists.

By signing up for one of our multi-day backpacking trails, you embark on a journey into the natural world, where the human psyche originates from. Deep peace in nature, living on what we carry, seeking out places to sleep, water to drink and animals to encounter. Connection with our surroundings. By returning to who we are as primal beings, we discover who we really are.

WildSide also offers FGASA-approved and Cathsseta-accredited training services for trails guides. Take your journey from FGASA Apprentice Filed Guide to Lead Trails with us. Visit the Training menu for more information.

Reflective moments on a WildSide backpacking trail