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Makalali has lead the way when it comes to fenced reserves and conservation, they have all of Africa’s big game and a number of endangered species such as cheetah and Wild Dog in the 23000 ha reserve.

The diversity of game and chances of seeing Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino and even the elusive leopard are good, especially in a small and quiet group.

Makalali is ideal for slack-packing. You can choose between camping wild (the most cost-effective option) or ask for a quote on walking from lodge to lodge. The standard package on sale here includes wild camping and catering. Tent and mattress is provided but you need bring your sleeping bag.

Over the course of the trail, you’ll cover approximately 6-10 kilometers per day, traversing gentle terrain that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Makalali.

Packing List

Because this is not a backpack you will need significantly less equipment. Good walking shoes, a day pack, bush clothes, a sleeping bag, pillow and your personal items are the minimum.

Food Suggestions

This trail is catered and you are not required to bring food for the meals. Please bring snacks and drinks, water and juice is provided.

Packing Advice

Pricing is per person

Lead Guide: Andrew Booth or Mark Montgomery

Meeting Place: Makalali Main Gate

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23-26 May